Me and my mean_


Künstlerinnenpublikation mit Beiträgen von Bea Kusovszky, Claudia Piepenbrock, Doris Weinberger, Emese Kazár, Tímea Piróth, Pia Pollmanns

"In 2015 Emese Kazár and Doris Weinberger launched an art exchange program between Bremen and Budapest. During the program, each resident artist selected personally the next participant who came to stay with her in her home town and with whom she worked together for a few months.

As the conclusion of the project, a publication as a joint work of the participants of the last round, Claudia Piepenbrock and Tímea Piróth has been published in January 2022. All previous participants also participated in the book project via an artistic contribution. [...]" (Tímea Anita Piróth)

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